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City data

Date of establishment: 17th century
Time zone: GMT +2, summer period GMT +3
Total area: 253,644 km?
Population: 207,925 inhabitants
Restaurants and cafes: Numerous in the city
Cuisine: Bulgarian, Mediterranean
Shopping: Stores and boutiques in town
Normal opening hours: 8 a.m. – 8 p.m
Credit cards: Accepted in major shops
Spoken languages: English, Russian

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Port data

Official name: Port of Burgas JSC
Location: 42°30’ N, 27°28’ E
Adress: 1, Prince Al. Battenberg Str., Burgas, 8000, Bulgaria
Telephone: +359 56 822 222
Fax: +359 56 822 156
VTS: 14
ISPS: Available

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Cruise ship-calling schedule


City map

Nessebar, Bulgaria

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On what peninsula with the length of 800 m and breadth of 300 m are there 80 temples? What city on the Black Sea coast is older than Rome and Istanbul? What city did the conquerors add on, but not destroyed? Let's find out the truth in Nessebar.

Origin of the Name. The original Thracian settlement Menebria was called Mesembria by the Ancient Greeks and then called Nessebar by Khan Krum in 811. The name is preserved to the present days.

History. Nessebar is a rich city-museum defined by more than three millennia of ever-changing history. There are 80 temples so far on this small peninsula the area of which is only 24 hectares. Nessebar has not always been so small – once it was located on the territory of about 40 hectares, but the destructive earthquake took undersea a large part of it.


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Archaeological Museum

The current archaeological museum in the Old Town of Nessebar was founded in 1994 as the successor of the existing from 1956 museum exhibition in the Church of St. John the Baptist. The museum is located by the fortification walls, in a specially designed building. Archaeological excavations on the Nessebar peninsula and its territorial waters over the past four decades discovered rich collections of significant cultural monuments, illustrationgillustrating the history of ancient Messambria and mediavalmedieval Nessebar. There are shown exhibits tracing the rich history of the ancient town of Mesambria and the medieval Nessebar. Among the unique artifacts in the museum are open vital-sign a decree in honor of the Thracian ruler Sadat, dated from III century BC. , silver treasures of ancient silver coins tetradrachms, the diploma for the inclusion of Nesebar Old Town in the UNESCO list of monuments of world cultural heritage, a collection of unique icons.


The early Christian basilicas were among the first to be built after the Christianity was adopted as official religion throughout the Roman Empire in 313. Six such basilicas are known to have been built in Nessebar, of which only two are well preserved.