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Данные о городе

Дата создания: I – II век до н.э.
Часовой пояс: GMT +4 
Общая площадь: 19 км2
Население: 123 500 жителей
Рестораны и кафе: Доступно
Кухня: Грузинская,  кавказская, аджарская, украинская, российская, европейская, турецкая
Магазины: Бутики и торговые центры в центре города
Рабочее время: 9:00 – 19:00



Характеристики порта

Официальное название: ООО «Батумский морской порт»
Расположение: 41?38? С.Ш., 41?38? В.Д.
Адрес: ул. Гогебашвили, 3, г. Батуми, Грузия, 6003
Телефон: +995 (422) 27-62-61
Факс: +995 (422) 27-62-61


График судозаходов



Карта города

Batumi, Georgia

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Where did the Argonauts find Golden Fleece? On which rocks was Prometheus chained? Where did St. Andrew the Apostle and Matthew the Evangelist preach? Look for the answers in Batumi.

Modern Batumi is a city and port in Georgia, the capital of Autonomous Republic of Adjara and represents the main tourist center.
The first Greek settlements emerged on this territory in the 7th –6th centuries B.C Written records of this fact were found in the works of Aristotle. The first human settlements found in mountains of Beshumi date back to the Stone Age. Choloki River basin is considered  the birthplace of Bronze and Early Iron Age metallurgy.

From Adjara ,in the 3rd century B.C. Christianity began to spread all over Georgia– after the arrival of St. Andrew the Apostle. In Gonio fortress, the citadel of ancient Colchis,  the first  reference of which belongs to Pliny the Younger (the first century A.D.), a tomb of one of the followers of Jesus Christ– Matthew the Evangelist was found,  chosen by lot to be among the twelve Apostles instead of Judas Iscariot. 


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• Batumi Botanical Garden located at the place called Mtsvane Kontskhi ("The Green Cape") – 9 km.

• Alley of the New Berth.

• Primorskiy Park with Dancing Fountains and leisure-time entertainments.

• Evening holographic show.

• Architecture of the 19th century in the city center in European and Asian styles.