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About city

Date of establishment: September 2, 1794
Time zone: GMT +2 (summer period GMT +3)
Total area: 236.9 km?
Population: 1 mln. people
Restaurants and cafes: Accessible in any part of the city
Cuisine: Russian, Ukrainian, cosmopolitan

Shopping: Boutiques and shopping centers in the city center

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Port data

Official port name: State Enterprise “Odessa Commercial Sea Port”
Location: 46°32’ N, 30°54’ E
Address: 1, Tamozhennaya Sq., Odessa 65026 Ukraine

Telephone: +38 048 729 35 00
Fax: +38 048 729 36 01

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Cruise ship-calling schedule



City map

Odessa, Ukraine

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In which city geniuses are born most of all? Who and where invented “Beef Stroganoff”? Who was the prototype of James Bond? Who was the first to invent cinematography? Odessa will tell!

Origin of the name: one of the versions assumed the existence of an ancient Greek city-state “Odessos” in the area of Odessa Gulf, which, however, appeared to be in the center of Varna (Bulgaria).

History: Previously, it has been assumed that in the place of Odessa there were no ancient cities, but in 2008 the excavations at the location of Primorsky Boulevard turned out to be a sensation: exactly here an ancient Greek city was situated, known to historians as Istrian Harbour. Glass dome, built over the ancient housing, immediately brings us 2,600 years back. In the medieval period our land was under the influence of the Golden Horde and the Crimean Khanate, then under the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Ottoman Empire. It was during the reign of the latter when in the area of Odessa an ancient settlement Khadzhibey was founded (1415). In its territory in the XVIII century the fortress Yeni-Dunya (New World) was built, which wall has been preserved to these days.


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• The architectural ensemble of Primorskiy Boulvard and Ekaterininskaya Square
• Potemkin Stairs
• City Garden (Gorsad), Deribasovskaya Street
• Opera and Ballet Theater
• Museums: archeological, art and craft, Western and Eastern art, private painting galleries
• Memorials and monuments: Unknown Sailor, Holocaust victims, defense of Odessa, Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Vorontsov, Duke de Richelieu, Catherine the Great
• Palaces: Vorontsov’s, Novikov’s, Gagarin and Tolstoy Palaces